About Us

A woman of honour is a life coaching brand specially established to help every woman discover her purpose, to learn and understand a better and more successful approach to life, business and career and to build a good relationship and lifestyle. We believe in living a balanced life and having a balanced approach to success. This is a great platform for guidance towards achieving a balanced and successful life. 
My name is Onyinye Blessing Nwachukwu, I’m a certified life coach, believer, Speaker, mentor and Founder of A woman of honour.I have been in a difficult situation where I needed someone to talk to about my challenges,pains and difficulties. I was broken.I needed a coach,a confidant and a mentor. At first, it was hard finding such a person and I could have made the greatest mistake of my life at that moment as I was very vulnerable but I thank God who came through for me and equally gave me the grace to be what I looked for at that time so that I can help other women by coaching them on how to approach life issues. Hence  the birth of A woman of honour.
Dear lady,I want to help you be a woman of honour,I am here to help add beautiful colours to your life.
 I am here to help every woman who thinks she is worthless put her crown right on her head and to the one whom her crown has been altered, I want to help her perfectly adjust it.
I am here to help you stand boldly and fearlessly and to help you believe in yourself again.
I will teach you the importance of working smart because somehow this is where your honour springs from. 
I want to help you understand how to birth your greatness from challenges and difficulties,This is my message because I have turned my difficulties into my message and I want to help you do the same.
 I know many people have received answers to their challenging questions on this platform,you can be the next person!
 I also speak at girls, ladies/women empowerment events, because I know that “the empowered woman is beautiful beyond measure and beautiful beyond description”.