In A Woman of Honour, I've found pleasant peace, Onyinye's coaching has put me on the right track.She has greatly improved my relationship life as I now know and understand better that love is happiness.You should never settle for less when you know you can always have more, A relationship should make you happy not otherwise. And Generally, with her.. I now know how easy it is to love and appreciate yourself, for that is the first step to receiving love. I'm overly glad our paths crossed as now my knowledge about life has tripled. All thanks to Onyinye,You Remain The Best!
When I came across A woman of honour, I did not really pay attention to it but in the long run I concidentally read people's question and I gave my advice. Later, a friend was at a point that she needed help and A Woman of Honour dropped in my heart The platform has been of great help to me and my career. She's very detailed and transparent, one of the real people I have met. This platform has paved way for a lot of people, both singles and married and also those in business and those trying to find a career path. I highly recommend Onyinye Blessing as one of the best coaches you can reach out to.. Her Professionalism is top notch! Thank you Onyinye!
Bamidele Fagbohungbe
Thank you Onyinye for the coaching sessions. It has made my life much better to the degree of changing my perception about how to live happily and successfully. I've learnt to use my positive energy to overcome anything that comes to stress me. I am more confident now and I can understand life from different aspects. You have a positive energy and you like to help others generously. Keep doing good!
Nmesoma Nwachukwu
As its name A Woman of Honour is one of the best coaching platforms that I have known.It helps women that have lost their way find their path in life. I got to know about A Woman of Honour few months ago When my life was terrible,I nearly lost my way.I still remember all the advice that Onyinye gave me and I'm proud to say that shaped my life.She helped me build up confidence in myself. She is heaven sent. She creates a platform for different people to participate,bringing questions and topics for diverse opinions which helps us share thoughts and ideas. I am so glad that it's a global movement so different people can see and appreciate her.
Madinatu Conteh
Sierra Leone
Onyinye Blessing is a wonderful and amazing woman who takes her time being a life coach and a mentor giving the best advice,encouraging and checking on the person to know how he/she is keeping up.She is one in a million. Thank you for being my mentor I have gone further than I thought I could because of your guidance and support..Its a privilege to have you as my mentor
Leah Muhondwa
Onyinye Blessing wow! She is just heaven sent. Giving non-judgmental, unbiased advise with the pure intention of helping you out! I still remember all you told me till date. Thanks so much. God bless you!
Anne Marie
I just wanted to let you know how much great your talks and coaching helped me during my hard time. Your work is tremendous and irreplaceable. Thank you very much Onyinye for being there.
Jaya Lakshmi Pune,