What I Do

Life Coaching is not counseling or therapy. Coaching is helping,instructing and motivating someone through life’s decisions and encounters.
Everyone has a dream, a passion, and a purpose.No matter how big our dreams may be we all need someone else to believe in that dream and help us devise a plan to make it a reality.
without coaching, we get stuck and begin to have mental blocks and there’s is nothing worse than mental blockage. 
Coaching  helps you transition out of a toxic, unhealthy and dead end relationship.
It helps you identify your  natural gifts and passion.
It helps you think outside the box and create a solid plan. Coaching is about growth and we all need growth.
“Everybody needs somebody!” Someone who will believe in their dreams, everybody needs a coach!!
I am a certified life coach and I will definitely be your unbiased confidant!!
•Career transition and budgeting.
•Knowing your purpose 
I share some questions and stories to the public because I also know there is wisdom in a multitude of counsel. Share your story to gain more knowledge or to inspire other people.Remember your privacy is my priority!!!

3month plan:$450 or 150,000 ie $150 or 55,000NGN for each month.(this plan is for a maximum of 10 people to complete each plan)

Pay pal email address:


Nigerian account number:

Account Name : Nwachukwu Charity Ijeoma. 

You can join the network of our three months outline, this will help you experience real change through the coaching process.
Eg for a relationship coaching, the three-month outline include:
Week 1:Evaluating the the past
Week 2:Evaluating the present 
Week 3:Discovering the problems
Week 4:Find the solution
Week 5:Setting relationship goals
Week 6:Making a solid plan for the relationship goals
Week 7:Making behavioral/internal changes
Week 8:Making external changes
Week 9: Setting personal/business goals
Week 10: Making a solid plan for the personal/business goals
Week 11:Evaluating the steps taken towards goal
Week 12:Wrap-up,overview, and plan to move forward.
 Everyone needs a coach!! Sign up right away!!
I want to see everyone who comes in contact with me progressing, living happily and attaining greatness. mentorship is something I find great joy in doing and one of the ways I do that is speaking at events like girls, ladies / women empowerment events.